Sunday, September 25, 2011


First, it has been a long time since I updated this blog and I am hoping this will be the beginning of more regular updates. My next addition will be a quick recap of my painting activities over the past year, so please stay tuned!

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This past weekend I attended the second annual NHMGS game day at the historic Fort Steilacoom in Washington state and thoroughly enjoyed myself! Thanks to hosts Damond Krump and Lawrence Bateman, not to mention Bruce Smith's assistance and all the GM's!

The event started at 9am, and I am not one to wake up early on weekends, but from my previous year's experience, I couldn't wait to attend! After rolling out of bed, I hit the road! But to my surprise, soon after hitting I-5, the traffic came to a complete halt over the Puyallup River bridge, apparently the state patrol had blocked off I-5 for a time to allow a a massive convoy of trucks onto highway! After we were allowed to continue, I ended up passing trucks of all shapes and sizes bumper to bumper in the slow lane from the Hwy 16 interchange to the 512 exit!

I later found out it was organized to raise money for the Special Olympics!

See article: LIGHTS AND SIRENS!!

I eventually rolled into the Fort thinking I was late, however the majority of attendees had yet to arrive, so I was able to spend some time kibitzing and poking around the tables. The self serve bring and buy was last minute, and the items reflected it, but it was still a good idea, I'm sure there will be more goodies there next year if they decide to keep it.

There were four games hosted during first period.

ACW naval using Bay Area Yards rules, hosted by Kevin Smyth.

Tactica 28mm hosted by Mitch Berdinka.
WWII Skirmish hosted by Damond Crump.
Command & Colors 28mm Ancients hosted by Mike Garcia.

This last game, dubbed "I am Spartacus" hosted by Mike, was adapted to the table top from the GMT board game, Command & Colors, and is the first period game which I participated in with my buddy Dean, and Scott Murphy. As usual, Mike puts on a fun game, and always provides beautifully painted miniatures.

Mike gleefully shared that many of his figures were modified.
May the gods bring us victory!
The game ended with a rebel/slave victory, but only by the narrowest of margins after the rebel left flank collapsed. Using the superior fire power of the slingers, as the rest of the rebel warriors were held back, they were able to pepper the enemy until the unit pictured above and right (after being reduced to one stand), brought the final blows to the Romans after fending off three attacking units!

Mike's game was over quickly, a testament to the simplicity of the rules. This was his first play test for the game's probable inclusion in Enfilade 2012. Dean and I decided to get lunch, and unpack his car for second period.


However, after lunch, and before the second period, Dean and I were fortunate enough to receive a personal tour of the fort's museum by Lawrence Bateman, fellow NHMGS gamer, reenactor and Historic Fort Steilacoom Association President.

Lawrence explaining the 12lb Howitzer.

The fort's last, and only remaining original flag, monies from last year's Fix Bayonets paid for its display and framing.
Second period, another four games were hosted.

ACW Regimental Fire & Fury hosted by Lawrence Bateman.

Sharp Practice hosted by Dean Motoyama.

Although I did not play in Dean's Sharp Practice game, I was honored to have helped him play test the scenario, and I am able to play Sharps with him outside of club events, so I thought I should let some other lucky gamers get in on his extremely fun game!

Sword and the Flame Colonials.

Zulus! Imperialism, hosted by Bill Vanderpool.

This last game in which I participated, was a version of Islandwah, hosted by the stalwart Bill Vanderpool. Bill GM'd and played the doomed British as my partner in crime, James Ruth and I, hoarded across the table. The British were eventually wiped from the battlefield and the Zulus rejoiced and cleaned their spears in celebration! ZULU! ZULU! ZULU!

By the end of the day, although I was sweating like a pig because the old building had no air conditioning, and the day's weather had surprisingly peaked at about 80 degrees, I ended up having a grand time gaming with a great bunch of fellows and visiting the fort's museum. I definitely look forward to next year's Fix Bayonets!

For another report on Fix Bayonets! Please visit Dean Motoyama's blog: WAB Corner.

Next, the Museum of Flight game day at Boeing field on November 14th!