Thursday, January 29, 2009

War of the Roses project part 1

I have had a passing interest in the War of the Roses ever since I played the old Avalon Hill board game "Kingmaker". Eventually I took up miniature wargaming but with so many other periods to choose from I had plenty of other projects to keep me busy. Last year myself and a fellow wargamer settled on a set of rules we both like and decided this year we would dedicated some of our painting time to this project.
The rules are "Bloody Barons" (image left) from Peter Pig's RFCM (Rules for Common Man) series. Designed for 15mm scale, these rules contain scenarios for all the major battles, historical organization and uniform information and like other RFCM rules it includes a point system and a pregame system.

I had originally planned to purchase my entire army from Peter Pig's 15mm but it didn't sit well with my budget at the time. So, I decided to go a cheaper route using Old Glory 15's "Rank and File" generic medieval range for the bulk of my army and use Peter Pig for command and specialty units. Unfortunately I was disappointed with most of the "Rank and File" range. The order arrived this past fall extremely flashed, appeared to scale closer to 18mm and came with unattached weapons that seemed grossly over scaled. Lastly, the range did not seem appropriate to the War of the Roses, so I went back to my original plan to use Peter Pig's range. However, the cavalry were decent enough and in the meantime my project partner who smartly went with Peter Pig in the first place had already started painting. I decided to go ahead and work on the "Rank and File" cavalry (image above) which I finished just before the winter holidays.

In the new year I placed my first order with Peter Pig which arrived within a week which is typical of their service. I now have command, flags, generals, 2 units of household infantry with bowmen and 2 units of retinue infantry with bowmen. The miniatures are clean and well sculpted, the flags came with 3 sheets of 6 unit flags and 2 sheets of 5 generals flags, plenty for a couple of armies. (image above)

I soon finished the household infantry and command. (image above) I am currently working on the household bowmen. (image below)

Process and Tools:

  • Popsicle sticks, 3 miniatures mounted to each.
  • Priming with Ace Hardware matte black.
  • Various Enamel craft paints.
  • Litko 30mm bases with adhesive magnetic bottoms.
  • Wood putty, sand, flocking, static grass.
  • Matte Sealer.
After completion of part one, I will follow-up with another 2 retinue units and 4 levy units. This will enable me field up to 940 points (810 without the cavalry). The Standard army point totals in Bloody Barons are 650 or 800 points (excluding scenarios). At 650 points a player has a "Warchest" to spend on pregame factors including but not limited to treachery, leadership and weather effects. If I am still able AND capable ;) I will finish up with some specialty units such as artillery, handgunners, crossbowmen and pikes.

To be continued...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Smoke yourself a kipper! The boys from the Dwarf are back!

Red Dwarf is set to return 10 years after the show's last season!

There have been rumors and mumblings of a movie in the works ever since the ending of the show but so far nothing has surfaced. This is exciting news and I can't wait for it to hit the US, although given my love for this series I may have to obtain a copy direct from the UK when it's released.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Warhammer Ancient Battles: weapon errata


The rocket sword is a weapon of "swords and sorcery". Only a character may be equipped with this weapon. The sword may be used as a melee and missile weapon.

Weapon: Rocket SwordRange: 8"Save Modifier: -1Strength: 4

1. The long range penalty of -1 does not apply

2. No movement penalty to fire.

3. If used in melee the bearer always strikes first.

[Hardy Har Har]

Who is Rassilon and what is the Matrix?

Just where did the name Rassilon come from? At the age of 13 I took the name from a fictional character on the BBC television series "Doctor Who". At the time I was making my first forays into online Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). I soon started one myself with the help of my father (aka Mr. Bubble) called "The T.A.R.D.I.S." BBS using the name of the time travel device used in the series. I figured it would be an appropriate name for a SYSOP (System Operator) of a BBS. As a continued fan of the show, I have since kept the name as my online handle or nick.

The BBC series follows a lone time traveller known as a "Time Lord" from the planet Gallifrey who travels time and space helping humanity. Lord Rassilon (image right) was the creator of time travel, the original Time Lord and the founder of Gallifreyan goverment and society as it's known in the series universe. The design used for this blog and my avatar online (image left) is the Seal of Rassilon which was held in high regard as a symbol of power within Gallifreyan society. The term Matrix or the Matrix comes from a computer network on Gallifrey also known as the APC net (Amplified Panatropic Computer Network). The terms APC Net and Matrix are often used interchangeably. The APC Net served as a supercomputer used by the Time Lords, specifically the High Council who used the Matrix both as a storehouse of knowledge and to help predict future events. Rassilon entered into the Matrix after his "death". (Doctor Who Wiki)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Greetings friends!

Hello and welcome to Rassilon's Matrix! So... other than a lame attempt at a "livejournal" this is my first blog. I'm not sure what I exactly intend to post here but I do hope to include anything related to my interests in books, gaming, movies and anything else significantly interesting in my life. :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)