Sunday, March 1, 2009

Warhammer Ancient Battles English Hundred Years War Army project

When the army is finished, it should total 3000 plus points and include 3 units of Knights mixed with Men-at-Arms and 5 units of Longbowmen.
The figures are all from Old Glory. The Knights/Men-at-Arms were finished earlier this year using two packs of HCW-04 from the "The Battles of Crecy & Poitiers" range. I burnished the non-primed figures for the armor and used LBM transfers on the shields. Unfortunately the Old Glory packs did not offer the variety I needed so I recently ordered one more pack from their "War of the Roses" range, WOR-07, Dismounted Knights-various weapons.

First batch of ten 28mm Old Glory Longbowmen. They are all from packs HAW-01 "English Longbow" and WOR-09 "Longbowmen in Livery Coats". Fortunately, there is a good variety of poses in these two packs to cover all 90 rank and file troops.

Old Glory 28mm "Revolting Peasants" modified for use as unit leaders.

Old Glory 28mm "Revolting Peasants" modified for use as unit standard bearers.

Old Glory 28mm "Revolting Peasants" to be used as camp followers.

Next batch of ten Old Glory 28mm Longbowmen primed.

The remaining eighty Longbowmen. Wee!

To be continued...

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  1. Hey, they look good! This is motivating me... I am finishing up the last 12 or so of my 25mm (28mm?) Normans and Saxons and will get some cast and sent you as soon as I can. Yes, they are not the same period, but I know that you will give them a good home. I am looking into doing some mounted knights for the Roses period, too.