Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The One Inch General

A friend asked me to take pictures of this miniature he painted for me many years ago when we we're members of a group known as the "Frankfurt Wargamers".

On one side "Markgraf von Schultz" is written, referring to an Imbiss outside the Frankfurt Kaserne often frequented by the Frankfurt Wargamers.

On the other side is "The One Inch General", a nickname I earned playing Napoleon's Battles. The 1" refers to a general's command radius within the rules set. At the time, as a new historical miniatures gamer, I often played overtly defensive tactics. I was often reluctant to play an aggressive game.

The miniature originally had a chicken drumstick in place of the morningstar but it was damaged and lost in transport. This was the best repair I was able to make. I also re-flocked the base as much of the original material had worn away.

28mm Hobbit, the manufacturer is unknown.

*** painted by Michael Kan


  1. Unknown no longer! That halfling was sculpted by Mark Copplestone for Grenadier's Fantasy Warriors range. The model is now sold by Mirliton.it and em4miniatures.com