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Jumble in the Jungle: A Red Shift adventure.

This past Saturday, 10/15/11, our role playing group was able to gather to play in my buddy Ted's Star Wars Saga edition RPG campaign, "Redshift", which you can find numerous blog posts on here: Stern Rake Studio. Ted should be following up with a proper AAR as he is an avid blogger and using his campaign to create a larger over-all story. In the meantime, here are some photos and comments from our last adventure.

Image taken from Stern Rake Studio.

Image taken from Stern Rake Studio.

Image taken from Stern Rake Studio.

The group following being caught in the midst of a coup backed by the Empire, on the planet of Bongolesia, and the investigation of a probably related 'terrorist' attack on TAg offices on a neighboring world, ended up on the trail of a cargo ship registered to the Tarsen Agricultural market (TAg) and a missing individual named Damethon Cohain. Information obtained on a wrecked freighter eventually lead them to the planet Zenya, and a protected zone for a group of islands inhabited by native Tau Tau's (Mesa thinks they related to Gunguns!).

After being harassed by Tie fighters, Cad So'Billes landed the team's shuttle at Pierson station...

"When the team made planetfall, they were met at the landing pad by Penelope Pelletin and Adoko, the administrators to TAg Market facilities and Pierson Station's starport, respectively.  Due to jamming activities originating from the Zenyan Restricted Zone, the early warning systems on Pierson Station did not receive any distress signal from the Ivory Bantha, nor detect the escape pod landing within the Tau Tau Archipelago.  After the team briefed the administrators on the situation, a search was quickly organized. Two days later, with search and rescue (SAR) assets fully committed, Ms. Pelletin asked the team to conduct a search of Gadnek Island.  Since the island is considered sacred to the Tau Taus and is home to dangerous wildlife, a member of King Gethen's bodyguard was assigned to the team as a guide" (Ted Henkle, 2011).

The team chose to take a sea skimmer to the island, but was intercepted by a Zenyan patrol. Suffering a catastrophic hit on the skimmer, Cad safely crash landed the vessel on the nearest beach. From there the team and accompanying Tau Tau embarked into the jungle where the real fun began!

Cad So'Billes, Duros Scout.

After hours of tracking through the jungle, and a few close calls, Cad, the team's scout, discovered Damethon, the prisoner of imperial officer and a droid cadre beleaguered by Sith Tau Tau Mutants.

On the run!

The team quickly dispatched the Sith Mutants and the droids, rescued Damethon and 'convinced' the remaining officer to join them. Unfortunately, the ensuing combat attracted dozens of nearby mutants.


After hours of pursuit the team finally arrived at an abandoned landing post they had previously gained from a 'discussion' with the captured officer.

From here on, I unfortunately didn't take any pictures, but Ted took quite a few that should show up on his blog. Suffice to say, the team fortified the outpost and after a bloody siege, escaped by the hair of their chinny chin chins after calling in a Tau Tau evac shuttle.

To be continued...

 For more a detailed narration of the campaign check out our GM's blog:

Not to mention his numerous other interesting articles.

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  1. Nice recap Adrian and awesome photos! (I already hijacked one for my blog). I'm currently working on the maps & photos, so I hope to have start posting "Intelligence Briefs" and "News Briefs" by the end of this week.