Sunday, October 30, 2011

Victrix Napoleonic British infantry W.I.P. part 1.5

Just a quick update on my project...

A (first?) coat of red added to the 48 line infantry. The paint red craft I used was rather thin, so I may have to go back over where I painted with another coat, and most likely another shade of red.

I had a devil of a time figuring out where straps began and ended, so I'll probably do this after I attempt to paint the white lace and straps.

My portion of our group Old Glory also came in!

Also, I was able to make a deal with my buddy Dean to assemble the Victrix artillery crew and limbers in exchange for another box of Warlord Romans, definitely a worthwhile exchange given my extreme distaste for assembling fiddly bits.

Speak of the devil... or Deanvil? (see comment below) JUST after finishing this update, Dean sent a photo of the assembled Victrix artillerymen and limbers!

All finished! Thanks Dean!!


  1. Whoah! Looking good! I appreciate your generosity for the work! In fact, your artillery is already put together - so you better finish these infantrymen soon. Best, Dean

  2. I'll look for the missing boxes.